※電子レンジ、オーブン 使用不可。

Aya Yuki is known for her striking use of color, working with purple and gradations of white, green and black. She is inspired by the nature in Nomi City which is also her birthplace and where she is based. The work is named “Tenno”, which gives an image of universe and the galaxy. The porcelains are made with the collusion of soil, heat, and air. Its expression, glaze and form are one of a kind.
The medium sized bowl can be used daily as a rice bowl or a salad bowl. The gradation of blackish green can fit with any dish in any color and complement the tastiness.

material: porcelain
measurement: approx. φ13cm、h7cm
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.
*each item is unique with different shape and shade (how the slip is applied) because it is handmade. The choice of the item is up to IBE.

< Care>

*Please do not use microwave and oven.

*To prevent scratches, please do not use stainless steel scourer or polishing powder for washing.

*Please wash before leaving it long after use.

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