※電子レンジ、食洗機 使用不可。

Nobuko Soda is a glass artist who creates her work combining brass and glass. In her "Awa(Bubble) series", brass bubbles are trapped inside glass. In another creation called the "Sabi(Rust) series", the brass is shaped like a lunar surface, both works combine glass and brass and use chemical reactions to make the work very attractive. The inspiration for the "Sabi series" comes from picking shapes from old objects, which gives the work an antique texture and feeling.
Each tumbler has the different brass texture and is good for daily use. The look changes when it's poured drinks which is also a charm of this glass.

material: glass, brass
measurement: approx. φ5.5cm、h11〜12cm
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.
*each item is unique with different shape and brass texture because it is handmade.
*Please choose the pattern option.

< Care>
*Please do not use microwave and washer.

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