寸:カップ:φ7cm, h6cm/角皿:21.5cm x 9〜9.5cm, h1.5cm


The set of a colorful demitasse cup and a rectangle saucer with unique wooden texture. This first collaboration was created by ceramist Yoshinori Takemura and woodworker Ken Fujimoto. The name “cup & palette” comes from the look as if it is a palette with colors on it. Each set is truly one and only in the world and will bring happiness to your holiday season! It is recommended to serve milk, sugar or cookies with a cup. Of course, the palette can be used as a plate for dish too.

material: porcelain/horutonoki (urethan base, oil finish)
measurement: Cup:φ7cm, h6cm/Saucer:21.5cm x 9〜9.5cm, h1.5cm
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.
*Sold as a set of cup and saucer.

< Care>
*Please do not use microwave and washer.
*Do not serve juicy meal on the saucer if there's a crack or a hole. Also refrain from leaving it long in water.
*Wash with a soft sponge before leaving it long after use.
*Dry it enough before storing.

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