寸:φ8.5, h9 (cm)


A pottery artist Yuko Ikeda has created a one of a kind mug using her original drawing. Getting a favorable reputation last year, they are back again! As she has a background in graphic design, she creates drawings and paintings as her lifework. This time her drawing works has been turned into the mugs. Randomly scratched lines, the texture like piled paint colors, and the drawings like a poem. The design symbolizes the feeling of trying to connect with the mind of someone else, that you are close to read but you never be able to. We cannot understand each other completely but because of that we can respect each other and stay together. That is Ikeda’s message in these mugs.

*These mugs are available until December 25th.

material: semiporcelain
measurement: approx. φ8.5, h9 (cm)
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.

< Care>
*Does not recommend microwave and washer
*To prevent color stain or oil stain, soak it into water for a while and wash before leaving it long after use
*Careful when using with stainless flatware and stainless steel scourer for it may cause scratches

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