Yoshinori Takemura's work is created extemporaneously. There is no fixed shape in his mind, and he just imagines what color would fit for the shape that has been created. He applies the glaze as if he is putting on clothes. This is why his artworks are irreproducible. The colorful and expressive wares can almost make you smile with its strong and inexplicable presence.
This set of small cup and saucer made in same pattern is surely one of a kind piece. The characteristic handle is easy to be grabbed and anyone will shout for its cuteness.

material: 磁器/porcelain
measurement:CUP: approx.φ6.5cm, h5.5cm SAUCER: approx. φ10.5cm, h1.5cm
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.


< Care>
*Does not recommend washer.
*To prevent scratches, please do not use stainless steel scourer for washing.

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