Yui Sakai|酒井優衣

1996 静岡県生まれ、愛知県育ち
2019 名古屋学芸大学デザイン科卒業


group exhibition "もしかして並行世界"
photo exhibition "since"
special thanks to lomographyJapan

Collaboration Works

ma chére perle
works_1 works_2 works_3

今回IBEがフィーチャーするのは、2人のモデルと撮り続けている【ma chére perle】シリーズの作品。自分たちの好きな世界観を形にしたいという思いから始まった本作には、今この瞬間の女性たちのリアルが、瑞々しく切り取られています。酒井がとらえる女性の持つ柔らかさ、儚さ、強さ、艶やかさ、そういった様々な側面は、IBEが思い描く女性像にも重なります。

Mainly taking portraits of women, Yui Sakai is a photographer who captures the moment of story with her unique sense of colors and worldview. Models in her works are very expressive because of the close relationship between Yui and subjects, which makes her work like a scene in a movie.
IBE features the works from her continuous series “ma chére perle” working with two models. This series starts from the concept that they want to make something with their favorite worldview. Those works depict women’s real in this moment freshly. What Yui captures in her works are soft, fragile, strong and lustrous aspects that women have and that also overlaps the image of women which IBE has.