3rd anniversary








On September 23, IBE marks its 3rd anniversary. To celebrate this, we feature the creation of a ceramic artist Yuko Ikeda.

Are the misty rectangles floating in the air doors? They might look like two persons facing each other. The streams of drawing lines are like the texts. It may also seem as the artist’s inner words or her prayer. What you see in the picture or what kind of story you receive from it is up to you. There is no correct answer and no limitation in it. There is only a space where you can freely interpret. Same as the drawing, her ceramic board requires your own interpretation. It could be a decorative art or a plate to serve foods viewing from a different angle.

Because of such an age, we may need something without an answer or which cannot be expressed in words. Yuko Ikeda’s works remind us the importance of action to feel and taste something more instinctively as human beings.

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we introduce her 3 drawing works on top page and have the 22 kinds of ceramic boards available on web store. Also a set of 3 postcards designed with her drawings will be given free for any purchase during the anniversary time.

*The ceramic boards are available from 9pm on Sep 23.