comuramai コムラマイ



コムラマイは身体の一部をクローズアップした作品が印象的な写真家です。人の皮膚と生物の皮や断面が対になった様子は、写真集「copy you」でも見開きで表現されています。身体も花も果物も、突き詰めればどれも細胞という核の集合体であること。ミクロの世界へ意識を運ぶほど、私たちと私たちを取り巻くものは全て繋がっているというマクロな世界へ、感覚は広がっていきます。作品を通して、質感や温度、感触など、触れるという行為を通じた人間的、身体的な感覚を呼び起こすきっかけになればと思います。


写真集「come closer」と「copy you」を自費出版しました。

you are my mirror


comuramai is known for her striking close-up photographs of parts of the body. The pairing of human skin with the skin or cross section of a living creature is also represented in the photo book "copy you" in a spread. The body, a flower, a fruit, when you get down to it, they are all a collection of cells, a nucleus. The more we carry our awareness to the micro world, the more our senses expand to the macro world, where we and everything around us are connected. I hope that her works will evoke human and physical sensations through the act of touch, such as texture, temperature, and feel.

Born in Tokushima, Japan in 1993.
She often takes photographs of the body.
The photo books "come closer" and "copy you" were self-published.