Cuyo(タイノ語で光の意味)は、NY在住のアーティスト、Tamika Riveraによるアクセサリーブランドです。Tamikaは光をテーマに、ファブリックを使った大型のアート作品から指輪のような小さなアクセサリーの製作までを手掛けています。ヒーリングセラピストとしてもキャリアを積んできた彼女は、メディテーション(瞑想)を通して作品をつくり出します。ひとつとして同じデザインのないアクセサリーは、独特のフォルムや、絶妙なクラフト感が魅力です。癒しのメッセージが込められたアクセサリーは、あなたに見えないパワーをもたらしてくれるかもしれません。



Cuyo, meaning light in Taino Language, is a jewelry brand by Tamika Rivera, an artist in NY. Tamika creates art pieces from a large scale fabric art to small size jewelry like a ring with the theme of lights. With a career of a healing therapist, she creates art pieces through meditation. These pieces of jewelry, each different in unique shape, have an exceptional hand-made feel. Jewelry that holds a healing message could give you invisible power as well.
The ring is embellished with healing stones, citrine. Metaphysically, citrine is known as a stone of success, abundance, and personal power. Comes with the original jewelry pouch.

material:citrine, turquoise, emerald beads, 14kt gold beads, fabric
size: approx 3 in Japanese ring size
measurement: motif 3cm×3cm×2.5cm
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.

< Note>
Ring size is quite small so it is recommended to use as a pinky ring.There is flexibility for it is made of fabric including the inner base, but it is not stretchable. These come in rather small sizes so be sure to check the size.

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