寸:w17cm x h10cm x d2cm


mi'ndy, a brand established by Miki Fukushima mainly featuring one of a kind pieces of jewelry and leather product. She creates her works based on the conceptual theme like “light and shadow” or “phases of the moon”. mi'ndy also works for art direction of exhibiting space and collaboration with artists in other fields.
This leather wallet has a minimal and slim design by taking as many elements as possible. Only a hook for closure and several pockets for bills and receipts. A coin pocket is designed shallow so that it is easy to pick coins up. Frequently used cards can be kept in the slit pockets. This wallet is compact enough to be kept in a clutch bag or a pocket of a overcoat.

material: calf leather, bell made inThailand
measurement: w17cm x h10cm x d2cm
color: SILVER
*Dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.
*mi'ndy's item is unique with different leather texture and color because it is handmade. Please enjoy the uniqueness.

< Cautions>
*Leather products can have natural nonuniformity of colors/textures, and unavoidable wrinkles and scratches through making processes.
*Dark colored leather can cause color transfer to stuffs inside or bags/clothes.