寸:モチーフ部分 h3.5cm x w3.5cm



mi'ndy, a brand established by Miki Fukushima mainly featuring one of a kind pieces of jewelry and leather product. She creates her works based on the conceptual theme like “light and shadow” or “phases of the moon”. mi'ndy also works for art direction of exhibiting space and collaboration with artists in other fields.
This mobile-like jewelry creates light fluctuations and a beautiful shadow. Glass-like film is made of resin, and it is delicate and light. This jewelry is worth to be referred as “wearable light” with its delicate beauty.
*This is a single earring.

material: brass, resin, stainless
measurement: motif h3.5cm x w3.5cm
*Dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.
*mi'ndy's item is unique with different form and size because it is handmade. Please enjoy the uniqueness.

< Care>
*Please be careful when you wear it since resin is very delicate that it can be damaged by shock or hook. If it becomes dim, wash it gently with soap and water.
*Please keep it away from water or sweat since the brass can easily get rusty.