Ken Fujimoto’s wood artwork features unexpectedly formed holes and cracks. He creates unique tableware using wood that is usually thrown away, carving while wood still contains water, and drying after shaping to create natural shrink and deformation. The shape created by the mixture of human hand and wooden nature form presents its uncontrollable character and gives you a merry feeling. An artwork or tableware, Ken’s unique work provides various concepts depending on how you face them.
This is a standard rimmed plate. The rim scratched with a chainsaw will make the dish more impressive.

material:アッシュ(染色、漆下地、オイル仕上げ)/ash (dyed, lacquer base, oil finish)
measurement:approx. φ27cm、h3cm
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.

*Please choose one from TYPE option.

※電子レンジ、食洗機 使用不可。

< Care>
*Please do not use microwave and washer.
*Refrain from leaving it long in water.
*Wash with a soft sponge before leaving it long after use.
*Dry it enough before storing.

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