寸:直径約19cm、高さ約21cm ※注ぎ口を入れた幅約25cm、持ち手入れた高さ約28cm


This ware is from black heat-resistant series by the pottery artist Kan Suzuki. Apart from his main work of Kohiki's white, a kettle in this series has beautiful black texture like casting.
This kettle looks beautiful on fire or stove with its degnified and sophisticated design. You will feel like boiling water slowly and having relaxing time with it. This kettle is a perfect item for cold winter.

material: heat-resistant ceramic, iron, wood
measurement: approx. φ19cm×h21cm, maximum width inluding a pouring part 25cm , maximum height including a handle 28cm
*each item is unique with different shape and shade (how the slip is applied) because it is handmade. Please enjoy the uniqueness.
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.

< Care>
*Open fire is safe.
*Please do not use in IH system.
*A handle gets rusty since it is made of iron. It is recommended to coat it with oil sometimes to prevent from more rusting.