ODEUR 2020 OEUVRE & text, Selected Flower Calendar


OEUVREは季節の花と自然の色を大切に、完全オーダー制でブーケやアレンジメント、装花などを制作しています。ODEUR 2020では花そのものが持つ生命力や美しい佇まいをコンセプトにスタイリング。フォトグラファー坂倉圭一がその一瞬の気配を切り取った写真を撮影し、text,が時間と共に楽しめるカレンダーとしてデザインしました。





The flower shop OEUVRE and the design unit text, have collaborated to create the flower calendar “ODEUR”. Cherishing the seasonal flowers and the colors of nature, OEUVRE makes the bouquets, the arrangements and the displays of made to order. They joined this project for styling with the concept of the vitality and the beautiful atmosphere of flowers. The photographer Keiichi Sakakura captured the moment of their sign and the text, designed and made it into the calendar which can be enjoyable with time.

ODEUR means, “scent” in French. Please enjoy the silent moment in daily life together with the flowers blossoming without words.

Tokyo based design unit “text,” works for planning, producing and publishing of calendars and books.

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