KYOKO TSUDAは、ジュエリーを始め、陶、グラフィックと活躍の場を広げる気鋭のデザイナーです。ポップで幾何学的なデザインのセラミック作品は、TSUDAのバックグラウンドにあるグラフィックデザインのセンスが光ります。

KYOKO TSUDA is a spirited designer who expands the field of her practice to jewelry, ceramics, and graphics. The pop and geometric designs of TSUDA’s ceramics reflect her background in graphic design, conveying the distinct aesthetics of her style.
This is the jewelry tray she newly made. The lustrous edge stands out in the fluid expression of the kneading plate. It's the kind of design you want to keep your favorite jewelry on display and by your side.

measurement:φ10.5〜11cm, H7mm
*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.
*each item is unique with different shape and shade because it is handmade.


< Care>
*It is not glazed and may not be used for anything with oil or moisture.
*Please do not use microwave and washer.
*To prevent scratches, please do not use stainless steel scourer for washing.

-For International Customers-
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