Koji Takagi is a ceramist who creates the ware with the intriquing texture like rock using the clay applied method. This method is commonly used for ceramic; however, Takagi does not use artificial colors and only uses natural soil to apply color. Just as he says the motto is to make the food look more delicious, Takagi’s work never stands out more than the food itself and enhances it. At the same time, you can feel nature-inspired texture and the modern presence of simpleness that the ware itself has a remarkable presence with a great impression.
This new bowl has a beautiful contrast between the rough texture like an old wall and the clay applied expression.

*dimensions may be slightly different depending on where it's measured.
*each item is unique with different shape and shade (how the slip is applied) because it is handmade.

※電子レンジ、オーブン、食洗機 使用不可。

< Care>
*Please do not use microwave, oven and washer.
*To prevent scratches, please do not use stainless steel scourer or polishing powder for washing.
*Please wash before leaving it long after use.

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