POUCH "ぷぉーち(おへそこうか)"

Hiroaki Ooka 大岡弘晃



素材:表地 綿100%/裏地 綿100%
寸法:横31cm 縦22cm マチ6cm


A big tote in collaboration with the creative team, heso. Artwork by Hiroaki Ooka is printed on a slightly raised, bright blue fabric. It can be used as a bag-in-a-bag, or you can go out with just this one bag since it has handles and relatively high storage capacity. It is also recommended to use it as a sub-bag with the matching big tote.

material: cotton 100%
measurement:W31cm H22cm D6cm

Since this product is printed with pigment prints by hand-printing, there may be blurring or smudging.